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Questo articolo è pubblicato in lingua inglese perché destinato principalmente agli insegnanti del partenariato transnazionale del Progetto ESQ_EUR.


This is the first of a series of meta-posts written in English for our European school-partners and for a wider “audience” of colleagues who are interested in using ICT in schools. It is called a meta-post because it deals with the contents of the blog itself.


The idea of setting up a blog has arisen from the need to enhance   communication between the school-library and the patrons (that is, the library users) and to improve the quality of our service by experimenting some of the Web 2.0 tools.


As shown in the picture, our library was primarily in communication with students or other users from the school who “spontaneously” attended the library for reference or borrowing. The School-librarians are 6 teachers who, besides teaching, work at the library one hour a week. This meant that the contacts inside the library had time-limits (6 hours a week) and were confined to the spatial boundaries of the school-library. In addition, communication was mainly directed to usual customers (the patrons).  


At nearly no-cost, the blog has opened the library boundaries in space but also in time, making new services available to our patrons and to new readers, as well!
Through the blog, the library can promote events related to the school (for example announcements , news about the library, extra-curricular activities, professional development), to the local community (traditions and events) and also to other communities on the Web (above all other teachers and/or librarians).
By using online services, our library wants to expand its offering in some ways. By using Anobii, it is possible to add book covers and link to a short description of the book, supporting readers in their choice.
One of the most important advantages of using a blog, however, is the interaction with users, who  can leave a comment and express their needs and preferences

Other topics and tools will be dealt with in the next meta-post, 🙂 !


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