This blog is born thanks to my participation in two projects: The “ESQ_EUR” Project  (Enhancing School’s Quality in EURope) and the “Biblioteche nelle Scuole” Project, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education.

The ESQ_EUR project is a School Development project of the wider EU SOCRATES PROGRAMME (now Life Long Learning Programme). Enhancing the school quality  is the overall aim of the European Partnership which includes 6 schools from different countries:

Vrij Technisch Instituut – Oostende (Flanders – Belgium) (Coordinator school)

Istituto Tecnico Commericale “Mario Rapisardi – Caltanissetta – Italy

Grupul Scolar Industrial “ Anghel Saligny ” – Braila – (Romania)

Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopisto, Joensuu, tekniikka ja kulttuuri – Joensuu – (Finland)

and, as associated partners, the following other schools:

CEIR – Villarroel – Barcelona – (Catalunya – Spain)

Anadolu Teknik Lisesi, Teknik lise ve Endustri Meslek Lisesi Aksaray – (Turkey)


Our partnership focuses on didactical, pedagogical and organizational aspects. During the first two years of the project, we have been studying theoretical background, researching  and experimenting in real-class situation.
This school-year (2007-2008) will be the third and last year of the project and a final product will be produced (a booklet of good practices and a DVD with digital data). We are exploring three main areas:

  • Intake integrated process
  • Co-operative learning and new approaches to learning
  • Teaching and learning with ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

The idea  of setting up a blog for the school library is a way of experimenting the new opportunities offered by the Web 2.0 tools.
The main aim of the blog is to widen the “physical”, traditional boundaries of a school library. Joining the “blogoshpere” is  also a way to reach above all young students who are much more familiar with the
read/write web.



The name of the blog is meant to underline its temporary and experimental nature (33 settimane, that is 33 weeks), the length of the school year in Italy.

The blog will contain some meta-posts written in English in order to reach a wider audience, so to share some reflections and suggestions with other teachers or librarians, or teacher-librarians.

This is the link to the first meta-post, click here.

Your comments are welcome!

Laura Colombo

(Teacher and Librarian at the ITC “M. Rapisardi” – Caltanissetta)

You can download our final product here:


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E' possibile scaricare il documento finale del Progetto di Sviluppo Scolastico Comenius "ESQ_EUR - Enhancing Schools Quality in EURope - Examples of good practice". questo è il link

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